High Point Arts Council


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United Arts Fund Drive

Invest in the arts todoy and reap the benefits for years to come! In appreciation for your financial support of the arts, there are many benefits of giving.

Thanks to our many, many donors who contributed to the 2021 United Arts Fund Drive. High Point Arts Council met its goal this past year and raised S in donations to the fund drive. These donations plus grants and other revenues help to support arts education. programs and performances of six nonprofit arts organizations that enhance our community where we live, work, and play!

Thank you again for your past support of the arts in High Point! We have increased our goal to $150.000 for the 2018 United Arts Fund Drive so that the arts can better serve residents and attract visitors.

Your Arts Council invests donations to the United Arts Fund Drive back into the community by:

  • Producing eight free Arts Splash concerts during the summer that ensure the arts are accessible to everyone in our
  • Giving Teacher Arts Project grants to public, private and charter schools that integrate the arts with
  • Hosting the free. family-friendly Day in the Park arts festival each fall.
  • Awarding Community Arts Project grants to nonprofit organizations that utilize the arts to benefit our diverse
  • Providing basic operating support for five affiliated arts organizations that present live dance, drama. and music performances throughout the year.
  • Presenting Arts & Entertainment events at the Centennial Station Arts Center that provide leisure activities for families and friends.


Please keep the arts on track by giving to the 2022 United Arts Fund Drive!

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