Teacher Arts Projects

Applications & Forms

Deadline for applications is
November 2, 2021.

Mail grant applications to:
High Point Arts Council
121 S. Centennial Street
High Point, NC 27260

Applications must be postmarked by November 2, 2021.

For further information, contact Debbie Lumpkins at 889-2787 ext. 22 or dlumpkins@highpointarts.org.

Teacher Arts Projects

Since 1987, the High Point Arts Council has shown its commitment to arts education through Teacher Arts Project Grants. These grants are available to public, charter, and private schools serving the High Point area students in grades K-12. Applicants may be a teacher, a group of teachers, and/or the PTA. There is not a limit to the number of applications that a school may submit. PTAs must have a teacher representative for the project and all projects must have approval of the schools principal or headmaster.

Guidelines for Teacher Arts Project Grants applications are:

  • Money may be used for arts resources, programs, and for hiring artists or art consultants.
  • Money may not be used for food, drink, or solely for standard classroom art supplies.
  • Projects that integrate the arts with curriculum are highly recommended.
  • Requests which hire culturally diverse artists will be given stronger consideration.
  • Matching dollars for projects are not required, but are encouraged since it shows a collaborative effort to provide arts education in the school.
  • Maximum amount that may be requested is $500.

For more information about Teacher Arts Projects, contact Debbie Lumpkins at 889-2787 ext. 22 or dlumpkins@highpointarts.org.